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Palo Alto Networks has continually pushed innovation and has helped pioneer the next generation of network security.

The Palo Alto platforms offer the unique ability to identify, control and safely enable applications while constantly inspecting your content for security threats. The superior performance of these capabilities allows you to simplify your network security infrastructure and address a broad range of network requirements.

Palo Alto Can Help With...

Threat Prevention - As security threats evolve, so must your network security. Palo Alto can address this challenge with unique threat prevention abilities you won’t find anywhere else. Through a next-generation firewall, DNS monitoring and sinkholing and more, you can finally manage a more secure network.

Wireless Infrastructure - Today nearly every office, school and home utilizes wireless connectivity. More and more employees are bringing their own devices into the workplace to use, with or without the approval of the IT team. Palo Alto can set up your wireless infrastructure so you can control who goes on your network and what they can do while on it.

Mobility - As wireless grows, so does mobile device usage. Palo Alto can provide you with a comprehensive, integrated solution that safely enables mobile devices and helps customers embrace mobile initiatives.

Network Segmentation - Palo Alto can help you utilize the Zero Trust architecture approach. With Zero Trust, there is no default trust for any user, device or application, regardless of location. Zero Trust boundaries help protect your critical intellectual property from unauthorized applications and users and prevents lateral movements of malware throughout your network.

And more...

If you have questions about or are interested in Palo Alto Networks’ offerings, give us a call at Equilibrium today. We’re a smaller business who understands Palo Alto’s services, as well as other competitor’s services, and we can neutrally help you decide what best fits the needs and budget of your organization.



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