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Citrix believes that today, work is no longer just a place we go to - it’s something we do whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

For over 25 years Citrix has been providing small businesses, medium businesses and service providers with the IT and mobile solutions they’ve been most in need of.

Small Business Solutions

Even if you’re a small business, you understand reducing IT costs, increasing productivity, improving collaboration and sharing information are all vital to your growing business. Citrix provides solutions for small businesses with limited resources and a tight budget.

With Citrix’s small business solutions you can adopt virtualization for simplified IT needs and reduced costs, you can empower your team to become more productive and collaborative by going more mobile, and you can improve the satisfaction of your employees by enabling them to work at their own ideal time and place.

Medium Business Solutions

As your business grows, technology is changing. It’s important that your business can transform as it grows, and it’s vital that your IT keeps up. Some of Citrix’s medium business solutions include:

  • Empowering your employees and simplifying IT by allowing people to BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device)
  • Increasing productivity with flexwork strategies such as telework and workplace redesigns
  • Mobilizing your data for secure, anywhere-productivity
  • Working in the cloud and creating a service fabric that can be scaled for enterprise, mobile and cloud services

Service Providers

With Citrix service providers solutions, you can streamline your service delivery and start to grow your top line revenue. Cloud computing has changed the way IT services are delivered, and it’s safe to say technology won’t stop evolving any time soon. With Citrix you can ramp up quickly for a competitive advantage, and predict your revenue on a monthly basis.

If you’re interested in any of Citrix’s business solutions, give us a call at Equilibrium. We’re a smaller business who understands Citrix’s services, as well as other competitor’s services, and we can neutrally help you decide what best fits the needs and budget of your organization.


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