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AerohiveIf you’re looking to increase productivity while engaging your customers and growing your business, look no further than Aerohive.

Aerohive is a mobility company that utilizes the cloud to deliver cost-effective, simplified networks. Because the mobility platform is flexible, businesses of any kind and any size who choose Aerohive are able to build and maintain a unified mobility platform that includes:

  • A complete, mobility-centric network access infrastructure, including controllerless Wi-Fi, access switches, branch routers, and client management agents
  • Cloud-based management that simplifies IT operations
  • Applications that capture important contextual end-user data and provide new business insights

Aerohive Products

Aerohive aims to simplify networking with cloud-enable solutions. If you have questions about which product or solution is right for you, or if you’re ready to get started today, give Equilibrium a call.

Access Points - Aerohive offers wireless infrastructure equipment that provides the benefits of a controller-based wireless LAN, without the need for an actual controller or an overlay network.

Routers - Aerohive routers are a part of the Branch on Demand solution and can be deployed in different ways. These routers are secure and allow you to easily work from anywhere.

Switches - Aerohive’s SR platforms offer state-of-the-art switching with even more advanced features. Combining these capabilities with cloud-based services allows Aerohive to provide a high quality experience for all connected users.

Network Management - HiveOS is the operating system that powers Aerohive. HiveManager is the network management system that can be used to configure and monitor the operating system. Together, with other products, a complete, controllerless Wi-Fi and remote network is available to you.

Cloud Services Platform - Aerohive’s cloud platform is globally distributed and home to Aerohive’s Software-as-a-Service applications.

Apps - Aerohive’s applications add even more functions and give you the power you need to keep up with your business and keep on track with your wireless clients.

If you’re interested in Aerohive’s products or IT solutions, give us a call at Equilibrium today. We’re a smaller business who understands Aerohive’s services, as well as other competitor’s services, and we can neutrally help you decide what best fits the needs and budget of your organization.


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