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Are you concerned that you might be spending too much money on on-premise IT infrastructure, but aren't sure how to migrate to the cloud?

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IT Directors have been bombarded by advertisements, email campaigns, consultants and coworkers about leveraging the "cloud" on a daily basis for several years. In fact, the term "cloud computing" was used at least as early as August 9, 2006, when Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced the term to an industry conference. In the beginning cloud services were unreliable, expensive and inflexible but in recent years they have started to prove themselves as viable alternatives to on-premise IT systems.

If you are considering moving your data to the Cloud, you should be sure that you do not arrive at this decision lightly. Our very own Glen Hampton wrote an informative blog post called "10 Decision Points & Considerations for Cloud Migrations" that serves as a great starting point for any company considering migration to the Cloud.

Cloud computing and cloud services are growing at a fantastic pace, 50%+ of companies use some form of public clouds and 74% use more than one type of infrastructure as a service. Link

While cloud services offer similar or better IT services to businesses at a lower cost, many IT leaders and companies don't have the skill sets needed to reap the benefits of cloud offerings. Combined with this lack of ability, it can be difficult to find cloud providers and cloud integrators that can help you reap the positive ROI that cloud services provide.


How can Equilibrium help you?



  • Cloud Readiness Assessment – Equilibrium will work with IT and business stakeholders to identify and rank cloud services based that are most appropriate to your current environment and that provide the highest ROI.
  • Microsoft Office 365 – Office 365 has proven to be a robust and price competitive alternative to on-premise Microsoft solutions. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Equilibrium can help you design and execute a migration of systems to Office 365, ensuring that you understand all of the implications and that you maintain IT and business objectives.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Amazon is the market leader in cloud computing with an estimated 36% of the cloud infrastructure as a service market. AWS allows companies to host applications using enterprise level features typically reserved to mid and large market companies. As an Amazon Consulting Partner, Equilibrium can design, implement and help you move to a AWS powered environment.
  • Disaster Recovery – There are a multitude of cloud based disaster recovery tools in the market. Equilibrium has helped dozens of customers develop DR and backup strategies that leverage solutions powered by Barracuda, AWS, Iland, Positini, Autonomy and others to ensure that backup and DR objectives are met.


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