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All interviews are different and vary from one field to the other. You will generally not be asked how to set up a home Wi-Fi network when you are applying for a job as head chef.






Many interviewers are trying to take a new approach to hiring, and instead of asking the questions you hear all the time, they are throwing more curve balls to keep you on your feet and get you know you better. Some of these questions have surfaced and your answers will give interviewers a greater understanding of how you think on the spot. These are a few of the more common questions you may encounter during your next interview:

#1 - What would you do if you were the sole survivor of a plane crash? There are many different ways to go about answering this question. Would you search for shelter? What about food and water? Did you try checking the radio in the cabin yet? 

#2 - What did you have for breakfast this morning? Can you remember something as miniscule as this? If you can, it shows that you can remember small details, such as what you ate before conquering the day ahead.

#3 - Describe the color red to someone who is blind. This is a tough question. Make sure you know your adjectives!

#4 - Who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman? Are you a comic book nerd, because this question will give you away! Make sure you have legitimate reasons to back up your answer, such as their superpowers and background stories.

#5 - How would you rate your memory? When answering this question, think about the hidden meaning behind it; you want to be honest, but if you don’t have a good memory, some of your answers to other interview questions will give you away.

#6 - If you could be a Disney princess, which would you be? This humorous question will deliver funny and clever answers. Parents have an advantage when answering this, because their children are usually familiar with them.


Author: Karen Boehm

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