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Many cloud providers supporting Chicago came out of the wood work in the era of the cloud computing hype of 2012 until the present. Amazon Web Services started out strong, but Microsoft is now added as a strong player with its Azure platform.





Most companies may be hesitant to move their applications and systems to the cloud for security reasons. To re-assure prospect and clients, Microsoft has built a robust Microsoft Azure Trust Center site which covers anything you would want to know about Security, Privacy and Compliance support.

During a cloud assessment, companies should consider moving to Azure and their email platform, Office 365, as a strategic move. You would no longer need equipment on-site and Azure's datacenters are supported by redundant power, Internet, storage and compute resources.

Security from the Ground Up

Since Azure not developed until recently, Microsoft was able to build in security features and protection from the ground up. For example, communications between system and components are encrypted and there are tight controls surrounding Identity and Access Magagement.

You are in Control of your own Privacy

Microsoft built Azure to allow its customers to be in charge of their own data and privacy. Microsoft is simply providing the platform and doesn't have access to your data. There is no circumstance where you would be locked out of your data. You will always have full access to manage your own privacy.


Azure meets a very long list of compliance requirements in the Chicago market and accross the US. This includes PCI Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, ISO 27001, SOC1, SOC2 and the list goes on. Any prospects or clients would be re-assured after reading the compliance page, especially.

Transparency of Data Storage

Azure's customers have the option of storing their data in a choice of regional sets of datacenters throughout the world. Azure has designed it's solution to assure customers that their data will not leave the US, if the customers choose. This is all setup and configured in advance by the customer.

Protect your Business in the Cloud

The need for both cloud computing and security consulting in Chicago are heating up. I can attest to this first hand as an IT Consultant in Chicago. The best approach to assure you are making the best choices for your business and privacy is to consult a cloud computing and security expert. After your sysems are moved to the cloud, consider taking the headaches out of support by leveraging a managed services provider.

Best wises on your journey to the cloud!


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Author: Todd Bey

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