Improve your Agility with Azure Active Directory

Improve your Agility with Azure Active Directory | Cloud | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comSoon after Windows Server Active Directory transitioned into the "cloud" in 2011, Azure Active Directory emerged as its powerful cloud extension offering scalable identity management solutions supported by unified disaster recovery.





Although many organizations already have AD, Azure Active Directory is designed to satisfy requirements of current SaaS solutions while providing easy integration with on-premise AD.

Traditional Active Directory gives you something that resembles an organization comprised of groups containing entities (people). Since this type of inflexible hierarchy is no longer applicable when dealing with the multidimensionality of business IT departments, Azure Active Directory was developed to provide a unique and valuable "AD in the Cloud".

Azure Active Directory - Access and Identity Management for the Cloud

Azure AD not only offers a single sign-on to the cloud and practical integration with an on-premise AD but also:

  • Is pre-integrated with Office 365, Salesforce, Box and many more
  • Permits enforcement of multifactor authentication using SaaS
  • Gives you the ability to condense identity management strategies within your company
  • Eliminates worrying about disaster recovery or the cost of maintaining associated infrastructure
  • Expands your IM systems quickly and easily since Azure Active Directory relies on standardized OData and REST protocols
  • Empowers company owners by implementing stable, self-service, access management while reducing overhead expenditures and IT costs
  • Increases employee productivity by letting them access dynamic cloud apps and self-service capabilities
  • Protects organizations from high-level threats by monitoring application usage and providing real-time security reports

Active Directory Premium

Take advantage of all that Azure Active Directory has to offer by opting for the Active Directory Premium package. In addition to receiving services found in the Free and Basic editions of Azure Active Directory, the Active Directory Premium is further enhanced by the following features:

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  • Advanced alerts and security reports--view detailed documents that show embedded anomalies and discrepant access patterns
  • Group management (self-service)--simplify daily group administrations by allowing users to build groups, ask for access to multiple groups or delegate ownership of a group so additional entities can maintain group memberships by quickly approving requests
  • Get the MIM (Microsoft Identity Manager)--integrate with your on-premise network as a solid support for all combinations of HI (Hybrid Identity) solutions.
  • Multifactor Authentication--significantly facilitates secure access to an on-premise app (RADIUS or VPN, for example), Azure, Office 365 and hundreds of non-Microsoft cloud services pre-integrated with Azure AD.

Work with Professional IT Consultants to Integrate Your Azure Active Directory

With the ability of Azure AD to streamline your organization's operations on all levels while increasing employee productivity and reducing costs, you can't afford to be without Azure Active Directory. Find out how we can help you integrate Azure AD with your on-premise AD and implement other options that would improve all aspects of operational and administrative processes vital to the long-term success of your company.


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