Key Tips for Hardware Monitoring in your Private Cloud

Key Tips for Hardware Monitoring in your Private Cloud | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comIn your private cloud (private datacenter or rented rack), industry standard hardware includes tons of built-in monitoring and diagnostic features which may not be configured.





Losing Visibility

The vendors must include these for a reason, right? It is not uncommon to deploy a company-configured image or a fresh OS on a physical Windows server which wipes out the pre-configured monitoring software and intelligence. With the fresh install, the server works great and the business is happy with the performance. However, behind the scenes the monitoring solution lost some visibility.

Too Little Too Late

What if your server has a failure but your latest and the greatest monitoring solution did not report it until it’s too late. You might only receive the alert of the server being offline. It’s because the hardware components are not talking to OS. You go onsite look at the error code E1211, for example, and find that the RAID Controller battery has failed.

What if you would have been proactive and known before it failed? What if you would have installed the components provided to you by the hardware vendor as designed? Testing and integrating monitoring as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) during deployment is key.

Lean on the Hardware Vendor

It’s that simple. Follow the installation guidelines provided by the hardware vendor to the letter. Make sure when the memory fails you get alert/email with granular details such as FRU number and the DIMM slot number. This way, when you arrive onsite you have what you need to keep the server running with the change request in one hand and replacement hardware in the other.

A professionally installed or maintained server goes a long way with less or no unplanned downtime. This all leads to increased uptime in your private cloud.


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Author: Khaja Moizuddin

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