A Daily Datacenter Walkthrough Saves the Day

A Daily Datacenter Walkthrough Saves the Day | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comIn this era of remote management, e-mail alerts and advanced monitoring features, we can never forget the basics.






While there are many tools integrated with proactive monitoring systems that alert you before the components fail, I suggest walking through the data center at least once a day to check amber lights (if you are onsite anyway). The amber lights are there for a purpose, and you might catch something if the monitoring is not working as expected. While everything can be performed remotely, support personal rarely enters data center.

I have worked in datacenter environment since last 17 years. If you catch a crashed hard disk with an amber light, you will save the day and prevent downtime and/or data loss. Of course, there are tools that can predict a disk failure and can be integrated with Tivoli, SCOM, etc. Trust me, nothing can replace a walk in your datacenter.

This is not an old school thought, but a success story behind my almost 2 decades of datacenter operations experience.

While there are sensors that can alert humidity, vibration, airflow and other critical failures, noticing a simple burning smell can also save the day.

The walk-through can also provide you a momement to reflect on your smoothly running datacenter and give you a chance build a sense of pride each day.


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Author: Khaja Moizuddin

Equilibrium IT Solutions, Inc.
Chicago, IL

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