Inject Life into your Disaster Recovery Plan

Inject Life into your Disaster Recovery Plan | DR | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comCongratulations, you have completed a time-consuming disaster recovery test and you have achieved your target RTO and RPO. The DR Plan is well documented. Don't lay it to rest hoping it will work when it is needed the most. Keep your DR plan alive.




Common lessons learned while performing a DR Test

  • A patch was missed that was not included in the DR kit. Of course, this was not documented in DR plan as it was applied after the last successful DR test.
  • Undocumented IP addresses were used or changed and the DR server did not come online properly.

In order to keep your DR plan alive, you must make it part of your change control process. Appoint a DR plan owner as an additional approver of all changes related to DR scope. Accountability is king. When a new manual patch is implemented, update it in the DR plan. A copy of the patch should be added to the kit for the DR site, depending on the system type. Similarly, if an IP address has changed, the process should involve updating the DR plan document.

Tips to Meet your RTO

Next time you plan a DR test, if you have followed these tips, you will be sure to have attained the RTO.

Not to mention, all the care has already been taken to backup what is required, when it is required and how frequently it is required. The combination of the latest backup and updated DR kit that is secured offsite makes up the complete kit. The DR kit may contain copies of software, licenses, serial numbers, tools and office supplies. The owner of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) should include items like the Business Continuity Plan itself, insurance policies, ISP Service Level Agreement (SLA), employee contacts and solar powered crank radio.

Last but not the least, do not forget to document and update the contact information of the DR team members. Every minute counts towards achieving the goal of recovering operations and allowing the business to survive a true disaster.


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Author: Khaja Moizuddin

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