Protect your Assets by Outsourcing IT Security

Protect your Assets by Outsourcing IT Security | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comBusinesses struggle with IT and security because of the rapid pace at which security flaws are discovered and how fast technology in software and hardware are progressing.





Multi-Layer Lock-Down

If you are a mid-market organization that is having trouble keeping pace with the industry's best practice standards, it may be time to seek out professionals to help you set up a Multi-Layer Lock-Down plan for your company. Outsourcing your IT can often be the most cost-effective solution in an ever-changing technologically driven world.

Organized Cybercriminals

With modern conveniences bring a modern approach to criminal acts. Online attacks have become more organized including teams of cybercriminals that act in concert much like a sophisticated team of software developers with modern business practices. These attacks are also not like previous "smash and grab" online attacks but instead appear more like beach-head attacks. Where the criminal team gains a foothold in your network and continue to expand their attacks across all your vulnerabilities.

With most mid-markets unable to field an adequate IT team to combat this type of organized crime, but not fully deploying a security plan, they are open to security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can often leave a company open to privacy lawsuits and company shutdowns because of security breaches. Instead of waiting for an attack you need a layered lock down plan of your business.

A Layered Plan

Security should be treated as an ever-changing and should include a quarterly, semi-annual or annual review. However any plan should be constructed to provide layers of security. This should always start with a security assessment of your business. Having a professional IT security company provide a security review will help you identify your most important assets as well as your most glaring vulnerabilities.

This review can often lay the groundwork for a layered approach to your businesses security and layout the design of an action plan. An action plan lets you work on the most important aspects of the plan, either protecting your most important data and systems or those systems that are critical to the operation of your business. It is this plan that allows mid-markets to start budgeting for security and continually upgrade or focus on areas next in the action plan as the budget allows.

Administrative and Physical

Any great layered security plan essentially focuses on two main areas. The first is an administrative security plan and the second area is a physical security plan. The administrative plan focuses on setting out principles and guidelines for company personnel access levels as well as a system to log access and enable auditing of the system. By controlling access to different parts of your system and network, you can reduce vulnerabilities within your own company and employees, removing threats from within.

The external and internal physical controls includes a number of hardware options, that not only include items that protect your data, systems and network, but also provide security of access to the hardware items used to run your computer systems, such as locks, cameras and badging systems. A firewall is a great physical security control that can prevent remote attacks from overseas, but attacks that can access your hardware need to be protected against as well.

By providing multiple layers of security protection including physical protections, administrative controls and better software controls you can enhance your businesses security while limiting vulnerabilities. Doing this over a period of time from an organized plan is the best way to stay on task. Find an IT security firm to start your security review.


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