New Citrix Certifications

New Citrix Certifications | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comCitrix has revamped their certification program, creating new certifications as well as altering the existing certification names and structure.






If you’re interested in pursuing certification on Citrix technologies this is the perfect time to establish yourself as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), as the playing field has been leveled by the introduction of new concepts and technology offerings that have been introduced over the last year. The new program provides a streamlined pathway, as well as more specialized credentials. The new certifications take a solution-based approach, reflecting the evolving needs of IT professionals and organizations, these certifications provide partners with the variety of skills required to plan, design, deliver and support end-to-end, holistic Citrix solutions.

Partner Resources

Partners can get details to prepare for the exam and learn about the changes, benefits and new opportunities by visiting Citrix Education. Resources are available from Citrix Partner Central that provide an overview of the new certifications, explanation about the transition paths and information on how the new certifications will be incorporated into the requirements for product authorization and compliance.

Sales Resources

Additionally, partners can access the XenDesktop Success Kits for valuable sales resources, as well as the NEW Citrix SalesIQ portal. The Citrix SalesIQ portal is a new sales enablement platform to access product content, resources, promotions, and incentives.

New Citrix Certifications

Citrix has restructured and standardized the skill levels across the (3) new focus areas to be more familiar to businesses, partners, and engineers. This is similar to other professional certification vendors (i.e., Cisco). As a certified associate, professional or expert, you can prove that you have the real-world skills and experience required to deliver successful Citrix solutions.

Here are key features, as touted by Citrix, of the three new certifications– Associate, Professional and Expert:

  • They are built from the ground up to be solutions focused
  • The state-of-the-art program puts partners at the forefront of the latest IT and technology trends
  • The hands-on, real-world approach gives partners confidence in implementing and managing multi-product solutions
  • They provide an easier path to stay up-to-date and achieve the most current Citrix certifications

Translating Legacy Certifications to New Certifications

Previously, Citrix had certifications for their flagship products, XenApp and XenDesktop. The graphic below illustrates how the legacy certifications (on the left) correspond to the new certifications (on the right). The upgrade path for the most common certification at EQ (CCA) is to pass the new exams; so essentially there is no special “upgrade” path or exam.

Three New Focus Areas

With the new certifications, they have expanded this to include new product areas as shown below:

Apps and Desktops

The App and Desktop certifications focus on the design, deployment, and management of XenDesktop 7 solutions. See requirements here.


Networking certifications validate the knowledge and skills needed to leverage the full capabilities of Citrix NetScaler, including implementation for app and desktop delivery, networking performance and optimization. See requirements here.


The Mobility certification validates the knowledge and skills needed to design, deploy and manage mobile solutions. See requirements here.

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