EQ Security News Weekly - 6

EQ Security News Weekly - 6 | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comBelow is a summary of the previous week's security news which is most relevant to CIOs.






1. The IT security hiring crisis continues. (Reference)
“With more than one million cybersecurity positions unfilled worldwide, currently-identified security needs couldn’t be met if every employee at GM, Costco, Home Depot, Delta, and Procter & Gamble became security experts tomorrow.”
Upshot: There is a worldwide trend of organizations turning to third-party IT security firms to fill their internal security talent gap.


2. A recent report shows that 2,400 CIOs see employee security training to be the most effective initiative for increasing an organization’s information security. This is because employees are often the weakest link compared to technical controls. (Reference)
The second place initiative was vetting third-party firms which have access to company data. (Neat Infographic)
Upshot: The results of a collaborative security assessment would highlight and prioritize potential risks such as lack of policies and employee training.


3. The rate of increase of mobile device infections per year is rising. A recent report describes that malware infections in mobiles increased by 25% in 2014 compared to an increase rate of 20% in 2013. (Reference)
This equates to 16 million mobiles being infected currently.
Android mobiles and Windows desktops are now on par with each other regarding total number of infected devices.
Upshot: The best way to mitigate this security risk is to manage mobiles used to access your organization’s email and data with a BYOD policy, mobile device policy and mobile device management (MDM) software.


4. Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” was last week and there were many issues that the patches caused including breaking Cisco AnyConnect (VPN client). (Reference)
Upshot: Take more time than usual this month to plan, approve, test, install and manage MS patches. Also, leveraging a third-party to manage patches is a straightforward way to free up your staff to focus on other initiatives.


Author: Todd Bey

Equilibrium IT Solutions, Inc.
Chicago, IL
Security Practice

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