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EQ Security News Weekly - 5 | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comBelow is a summary of the previous week's security news which is most relevant to CIOs.






1. Lenovo was found out to be shipping adware called “Superfish” on their consumer Windows laptops which hijacks SSL sessions. (Reference)
A password management company, LastPass, created a Superfish checker site.
Anti-virus vendors including Microsoft (Windows Defender) have released updates on Friday which invalidate the related bad SSL certificates and effectively disable the adware.
Upshot: Maintaining a well-managed anti-virus solution will help to mitigate risks related to new malware.


2. SIM card encryption keys were stolen from the internal network of the largest manufacturer of SIM cards in the world. This story is coined as “The Great SIM Heist”. (Reference)
With these encryption keys, it would be trivial to eavesdrop on voice and data communications over a cellular network.
The spies got into the network initially by infecting Windows computers with malware.
Upshot: Regular security assessments (and more specifically, penetration testing) would have helped to highlight security weaknesses in this organization and help prevent this type of incident.


3. Kaspersky Labs and other government security agencies have uncovered a two-year criminal operation which allowed the group to steal $1 billion across 30 countries and many banks. (Reference)
Initially, a “terrible” network configuration of ATMs was the primary vector used by the group to install and leverage malware.
Bank employees also clicked on links in phishing emails to help download and spread the malware.
Upshot: Security needs to be a primary focus of any network architecture and design. For example, EQ leverages the US Goverment’s NIST security controls checklist repository as one of many references.


4. Android malware was found that can make calls or take photos even after the phone is shut down. (Reference)
Upshot: Leveraging a Mobile Device Management solution with a strict whitelist policy can help prevent malware from being installed on mobiles.


Author: Todd Bey

Equilibrium IT Solutions, Inc.
Chicago, IL
Security Practice

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