A Valuable Primer on Smart Cards

A Valuable Primer on Smart Cards | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comThe basic form of a smart card is something you might see inside your cell phone or PC. Most service providers use a smart card / sim card in order to activate on their network. Some service providers that use smart cards are T-Mobile,  AT&T and Sprint.




Two Forms

Smart cards can come in two forms: Contact and Contactless.

A contact card must be physically connected to the device or computer in order to read what on the smart card. These are usually built with the vendor or provider's information in order to read the data on the card.

A contactless card uses proximity in order to facilitate with a coupler to find data and access information about a user. This is used for a credit card so people could access a pin number and then solidify the security information to access the card.

The Evolution of Contactless Cards

I believe that the contactless card is going to change over the years. This will evolve from applications like Apple Pay to being implanted in people's skin cells. It's crazy to consider, but I believe it is inevitable. The process of security and these cards is evolving at a fast pace. The implants may even be implemented in the next five years.

Benefits of Contactless

In my view the contactless card is the best kind. If it's lost or stolen the card can be turned off through an 800 number or shutting down capabilities to the card via the vendor's database. Also, you can access the data and find the card's location when it is lost or stolen. When it comes to a regular smart card, you have to obtain physical access and its very hard to recover or save data if lost. There’s not much you can do if your card gets stolen with a contact card. From a security aspect that’s why I would rather use a contactless card.

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Author: Chad Akileh

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