Mobile Phones as Spy Devices

Mobile Phones as Spy Devices | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comSurveillance software on a mobile phone is one of the most dangerous means of attack. This can be downloaded either form the app store or through a text message.






Once this type of software is installed, it can access all the data on a mobile device. This software will also allow the attacker to gain access to all communication on the mobile device.

These features used to be used by the military only, but now is available for hackers all over the world. Spy apps are not just used for high end victims like a CEO. They are also used for tracking cheating spouses and suspicious kids.


Mobile spy phones are dangerous because of the robust set of features used. One such feature, Eavesdropping, is the process of listening in on phone calls from the victim. For example, if a CEO is on a confidential conference call on his mobile, the attacker could listen in from afar and record confidential or personal information. That information could be the telephone number, an address, person’s name or worse. This is a big breach when it comes to the C.I.A. triad that we follow for security.

Spy apps will allow you to watch on your target via the device's camera. The hackers are able to turn on the camera of the mobile device remotely and view the same things as the victim. In many countries this is illegal and punishable by the law.

Spy phones have the accessibility to extract calls and logs from the mobile device. This would be a popular feature used by suspicious spouses.

Last of all, with GPS tracking you can track where your victim is going. This could result in robberies, and other physical break-ins.


Unfortunately for us law-abiding citizens, getting ahold of this software is easy. There are a many companies selling this type of software for $5. The reality is that for the cost a Happy Meal you could have the tools to ruin someone's life.

To protect against the threat of spy apps, consider implementing an Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution within your organization. This will allow you to audit and block individual apps or categories.

A security assessment can also highlight gaps in the security of your organization and mobile devices.

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Author: Chad Akileh

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