Lack of Cloud Control

Cloud | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comMany organization frown upon the use of the "cloud" because they are reducing control compared to a traditional network architecture. One of the biggest fears many organizations hold with cloud offerings if the inability to have complete control over your data or knowing who has access.

Many times cloud providers offer the ability for consumers to easily spin up any instance using a simple key. Often times, developers or administrators do not treat this specific key with much security, despite the fact that anyone can use it if they have access to it.


An article I read a couple months back showed that many developers were uploading their AWS secret keys to GitHub, a source code management service. The problem with this is that malicious users were scouring GitHub for these keys and spinning up new instances under other people’s accounts. This would sometimes result in Amazon charging thousands of dollars to the account holder for the services. Unfortunately, few people treat the security mechanisms as they should. Cloud offerings play a large role in the advancement of technology today. Many of the large organizations are turning to the cloud services to offload some of the IT burden that comes with hosting a service yourself.

In some cases it is about choosing a reputable cloud provider to produce the best results. There are many companies that offer cloud services, but do so in a fashion that does not put the customer’s security first. Instead, their primary focus is producing the most amount of money. Some of the large providers today are Amazon Web Service and Microsoft’s Azure services. Both provide a great deal of security as well as reliability for the services they host. In the end, it all relies on a properly implemented solution.


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Author: Chad Akileh

Published: August 14th, 2015

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