How to Isolate Personal and Business Data on Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Management | Chicago IT | Equilibrium | EQInc.comOver 60 percent of enterprises allow or tolerate employee use of personal devices to access enterprise data. In a similar light, the trend of isolating business and personal data on mobile devices is becoming more popular. The Blackberry 10 OS has a jump start on this trend and now Google and other vendors including AirWatch are catching up.

Soon, the MDM (Mobile Device Management) agents from AirWatch will be able to integrate with Google's Android for Work feature. This will allow for secure and user-friendly separation of business and personal data. Business data will be stored in isolated containers.

This will be a killer application for those businesses struggling to create, manage and enforce a BYOD policy. AirWatch is currently a robust platform. it will be even more amazing when the Android for Work feature is included.

This will also be an important feature to offset the risks of Android malware production growing at an alarming rate.

Author: Todd Bey

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