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Security | Chicago IT | Equilibrium | EQInc.comQualys SSL Labs offers a great web-based tool to test the implementation of SSL security on web servers. This tool is free and is very popular in the security community. Qualys is a security company that specializes in cloud-based vulnerability scanning services.

When running the test, be sure to check the "Do not show the results on the boards" check box. This will keep your results off of the public display.

Qualys will give your site a grade anywhere from "A+" to "F" along with a thorough explanation. By the way, deploying Windows IIS 7 or 8 with the defaults from Microsoft will score you an "F". You need to configure various tweaks to bring it to an "A".

Achieving an "A" with IIS is straightforward with a few tweaks. Beware of the need to support old browsers and clients. For example, achieving an "A" on a server would cause SSL security on IE8 running on XP to break.

It is possible to get an "A+" only with Apache 9or other non-Windows web servers) since IIS does not support some newer SSL security features. The requirements for each grade are updated on their Rating Guide PDF as the SSL/TLS technology changes.

Author: Todd Bey

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