Discover 3 New and Useful Features in vSphere 6.0

Storage | VMware | vSphere 6.0 | Chicago IT | Equilibrium | EQInc.comVMWare released its vSphere 6 hypervisor update on February 3, 2015. Below is a guide to 3 improvements and new features.

#1 - You can still use the vSphere C# client to connect to the hosts and vCenter. The number of supported features are dwindling with each new vSphere release. Any features released in vSphere 5.1 or later can only be managed in the webclient. VMs with hardware levels 8 and lower are fully editable with the C# client. VMs with hardware level 9 and later can be viewed in the C# client, and have edit capabilities only in the web client.

#2 - The hardware and configuration maximums have jumped (again). For example, a single host can support 480 physical CPUs and 12 TB of RAM (this would be cool to see!)

#3 - It is now possible to configure password complexity of the root password in the GUI. This will help vSphere admins more easily comply with their company's security policy.

Stay tuned for the EQ blog for posts touching on other features from one of Equilibrium's many VCPs on staff.

Author: Todd Bey

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