vSphere 6.0 - Top 4 New Features of vMotion

vSphere 6.0 - Top 4 New Features of vMotion | VMware | Chicago IT | Equilibrium | EQInc.comMidmarket companies and enterprises are jumping for joy after hearing about the new features of vMotion.






vSphere 6.0 has been available to download and install since the beginning of February. As a reminder, vMotion in vSphere 5.5 was bound by each vCenter instance. It was possible to only migrate between cluster objects within a datacenter object.

#1 - vMotion across vCenter servers

Organizations can now migrate VMs across vCenter instances. This will reduce the headaches when planning and executing datacenter migrations. The involved vCenter servers must be part of the same SSO domain. Layer 2 network connectivity between datacenters is also required to achieve the seamless functionality. Otherwise the VM's IPs would need to change. This flagship feature builds on top of all others listed below.

Below is a diagram of how this new feature works:

vsphere graph


#2 - vMotion across virtual switches

Engineers will now be able to migrate from:

  • Virtual Standard Switches (VSS) to VSS,
  • VSS to Virtual Distributed Switches (VDS)
  • VDS to VDS

(The one exception is migrating from VDS to VSS which is not supported).


#3 - vMotion across routed networks

vMotion can now run across Layer 3 routed networks. This will allow organizations to take advantage of the new features even if they must change IPs.


#4 - vMotion across long distances

VMware increased the maximum Round Trip Time (RTT) for vMotion from 10 ms to 100 ms. The idea is to support cross-continent migrations. For example, this would support a migration "across the poind" between New York and London.

VMware had strong motivation to develop these features. This will allow customers to migrate into their vCloud Air service with less hassle. By the way, vCloud Air is VMware's public-cloud service which functions as a second site running a second vCenter instance. It competes with Amazon Web Service and microsoft Azure, for example.


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