Move to Azure and Reduce your IT Budget

Move to Azure and Reduce your IT Budget | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comAs a Small or Medium Business (SMB) you may be wondering how you can finally break into cloud computing in a way that provides a great all-around solution that is also scalable and provides a predictable cost. When looking for a solution to network, storage, computing, backup and app ecosystems there are few options that cover all these bases as well as Microsoft Azure.

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Get an Edge with Skype for Business

Get an Edge with Skype for Business | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comThe new innovation, which will be included in Microsoft Office 365, is named “Skype for Business". This provides a captivating new client experience. Skype for Business will change the way traditional business is being done. It will incorporate the modern experience business leaders strive for.

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Inject Life into your Disaster Recovery Plan

Inject Life into your Disaster Recovery Plan | DR | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comCongratulations, you have completed a time-consuming disaster recovery test and you have achieved your target RTO and RPO. The DR Plan is well documented. Don't lay it to rest hoping it will work when it is needed the most. Keep your DR plan alive.

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Upgrade Your Security Incident Response

Security Incident Response | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comA Security Incident Response policy and procedure depends on the business impact related to the incident types. Having a security incident that costs the business millions of dollars must be treated quicker and with more attention to detail to others which are less severe.

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Boost your Wireless Security

Boost your Wireless Security | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comOne of the downfalls of early wireless technology (WEP) is that it suffered many flaws that allowed an attacker to gain access to your network or the ability to read the “encrypted” data stream. Since some older home devices (TiVo's, etc.) do not support WPA or WPA2 encryption, these homes may still be using this outdated encryption scheme.

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Lock Down Your Defense in Depth

Lock Down Your Defense in Depth | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comDefense in Depth helps ensure an organization can prevent or minimize a security breach. This is accomplished by implementing many layers of defense against the progression of an attack.

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A Valuable Primer on Smart Cards

A Valuable Primer on Smart Cards | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comThe basic form of a smart card is something you might see inside your cell phone or PC. Most service providers use a smart card / sim card in order to activate on their network. Some service providers that use smart cards are T-Mobile,  AT&T and Sprint.

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Lack of Cloud Control

Cloud | Chicago IT | Equilibrium IT | EQInc.comMany organization frown upon the use of the "cloud" because they are reducing control compared to a traditional network architecture. One of the biggest fears many organizations hold with cloud offerings if the inability to have complete control over your data or knowing who has access.

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File System Auditing - Who Deleted My File (and Why)?

File System Auditing - Who Deleted My File (and Why)? | Security | Chicago IT | Equilibrium |

When IT admins receive a file restore request after an “accidental” file deletion, there may be no answer available as to who deleted the file. The file is typically restored from last night’s backup and the ticket is closed. The root cause of the issue is never found out: Who deleted the file (and Why)?

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