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Developing Strategic 3 Year IT Business Plans with Clients - Richie Proca

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Most of our clients that we engage with lack a formal plan. There is no strategy that’s captured on paper, and that strategy we often times find is stuck in the IT manager's head.

That’s where’s Equilibrium engages with the client and applies our IT business plan methodology, which starts by collecting the information of a specific environment, which is really the current state assessment.

Equilibrium Consulting Core Practice Areas - Richie Proca

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The reason Equilibrium stays at the forefront of technology is because we really see that as a value to our clients.

Some of our clients are not IT professional service companies. They are in the construction business, insurance, legal, health... and they trust Equilibrium to bring the expertise that we have to the table.

Helping Clients Succeed - Richie Proca

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We really foster a team environment at Equilibrium and we all have a common goal, and that is to provide high quality service to our clients and help the company succeed.

Managed Services Teamwork and Process - KELLY WOLKOMIR

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I think the best way to talk about teamwork is regarding the service request life cycle that we have in ESC, the Equilibrium Service Department.

Tickets come in to our dispatcher, she assesses them for priority; they could come in by email, phone or even just pressing a button on our client’s computer. Then she will sign that out to an engineer, the engineer with work the ticket or will escalate the ticket if he’s not able to work it himself or needs a little bit of additional help from our team.

Thinking of a Career at Equilibrium? - Glen Hampton

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Hi, I’m Glen Hampton, President and owner of Equilibrium IT Solutions.

Recently, on July 1, 2016, we celebrated our 12th anniversary in business. Im very proud of that major milestone. Today we are actually operating out of a 14,000 sq foot office building on the northwest side of the city. We provide coverage to clients all over the Chicago land; not only the Chicago area, we also provide services - IT professional and consulting services - to clients even out of state.

What are Equilibrium's Core IT Practice Areas? - Glen Hampton

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Equilibrium IT Solutions is a professional IT services firm, mostly infrastructure. Systems, networks, and virtualization storage are some of the core infrastructure areas that we help with.

Some of the core competencies that Equilibrium has are doing comprehensive assessments and the result of that is a 3 year, written formal IT business plan. We do office moves, we do data center design and build out, we do merger and acquisition IT consulting, under our risk management practice we do security and we also do disaster recovery.

What Do You Like Most About Working at Equilibrium? - Glen Hampton

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What I’ve liked most about working at Equilibrium is being able to work with a variety of businesses out there and to go out and have meetings with executives and understand their business requirements, really listen, and gather the information. I like to take that information back to my technical team, we take those business requirements are we translate those into technology solutions.

We bring them back, we put them in a proposal format, if the client signs off on it, we then move into implementation. At the end of that successful project we’ve solved their business requirement with a technology solution. We I see a smiling client at the end of that and I hear ‘atta boys’ from my team, that’s what really makes me happy.

Why do Clients hire Equilibrium to help engineer IT solutions? - Richie Proca

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I think clients hire Equilibrium because they either have a lack of capability or a lack of capacity. Equilibrium brings that team approach to the projects that we engage on, and we usually have done those types of projects before, we have the expertise on staff, and it’s shared among multiple resources.

Why Do Clients Use Equilibrium? - Glen Hampton

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With the advent of cloud computing, information systems are getting more and more complex, and it’s getting harder and harder to manage your IT environment.

Information technology, while crucial to your business, the amount of time, money, expertise you have to throw at it just to keep pace with current technology trends is getting out of control. Ask yourself: Is my team spending too much time putting out fires instead of focusing on the important initiates, are we going to go over our IT budget again, are we losing data, are we experiencing a security breach?


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